Digital Marketing

Digital campaign is a science. It's not all about pretty pictures and fancy words. I developed winning ad formulas for my campaign, and I can do that for your business too. Remember, every digital campaign is different.

Social Media Marketing

I started managing social media campaigns from before it was an essential marketing channel. I tested hundreds of photos, hundreds of keywords and thousands of social posts. Want more customer from social media? I'm your guy.

Data Marketing

I have sent out millions of emails, deployed thousands of ads and generated thousands of leads. They're successful because they were developed based on sound insight - from data. I can analyze your sales, customer and social media data and turn them into an insightful report.

Hello. It's Jorge.

I am a digital marketing expert with a deep understanding of data-driven strategic marketing. With over 12 years of digital marketing experience, I have developed and managed 100+ social, e-mail, programmatic, native and search engine marketing campaigns with impressive results. I have worked with companies in franchising, not for profit, technology, banking and online media. I am currently on a journey to develop AI algorithms.


Next Steps...

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