For the love of selfie

It’s becoming an increasingly troubling trend: people are abusing nature to get the perfect selfie.

Mashable reported that in China, people are kicking, climbing and abusing delicate cherry blossom trees to take that selfie perfect photo. In one photo, you can see a man kicking the tree so that petals would drop as his photos are taken.

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 6.09.19 PM

Just a few weeks ago, a baby dolphin died in Argentina when tourists passed it around as they took turns posing with the poor animal.

Last year, a student destroyed a statue when he sat on it to get a photo of himself. An important statue.

I love selfies myself as I try to preserve memories about my trip, my family and to put in my online journal. But I do so responsibly.

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Surge pricing is here to stay

Surge pricing is common to the airline and tourism industries. And Uber. And now… Disney.

Disney recently announced that it’s implementing surge pricing to one day tickets ostensibly to spread out the volume of guests throughout the year. But who really wants to line up at Magic Kingdom when it’s too cold?

Read the full store here


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Rexall’s price tag fail stayed for the duration of promo 

I’m not sure what caused the error; it could be any of the following:

  • Data pull error: the database manager didn’t specify that only products below the intended sale prices should be included in the report (that would be sent to the printer)
  • Pricing error: the pricing manager didn’t set a price variance in the new price report (or set the new price to be below the original price at a specific profit margin)
  • Printing error: whoever is printing the price tags pulled the new price from a wrong field

It’s unlikely to be intentional. And man this is hilarious. Worse, the tag stayed on the shelf during the duration of the promo. I know because I checked.

The real problem here though is that there’s a lack of check and balance at the store level. Someone at the corporate office should create a “check and balance procedure” at the store level – ask the person placing the price tags for potential errors.

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Ten reasons why Toronto libraries are better than yours

You can beam yourself to another planet. Just kidding. The Toronto Reference Library has study pods. Study, freaking, pods. Work by yourself or with a group in this space-like pods.


They hold many self-improvement seminars. If you’re willing to listen.


For a fee, they can do the research for you. It’s a library full of James Bonds.


Maybe not as comfy as this, but you can surf the net for free. FOR. FREE. You just need to ask them nicely and reserve a spot. There’s a catch, Pornhub isn’t allowed. But seriously, who watches porn in libraries?


They offer online resources – you can borrow ebooks! Geeze… that’s so 21st century.


You can also borrow a pedometer! A pedometer???? Really! Wow you can count how many steps you make when you walk your doggies.


You can borrow books up to three weeks. Not one, not two but three long weeks. Enough to finish Divergent.


Help desks call each other not to gossip but to help users. A librarian called another branch for me to reserve a book. How cool is that? Oh and they use landlines too. Who uses landlines nowadays you ask? Them! But I promise you they’re not old fashioned at all…


You won’t find a librarian with big claws here. They’re very friendly. Meow.


Actually, they’re always happy to serve you. Most of the time with a smile.

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REVIEW: Adult play date at Pursuit OCR

Pursuit OCR is a 10,000-square-feet facility that looks like one big adult playground. The wholesome kind of playground.  Think kids playground but bigger – and less safe. Entrance fee is similar to most gyms, $20 to play with in and out privileges so you can grab a snack outside and come back when you’re ready to work on your pull ups and tricep moves again.

It is surprisingly equipped with basic comfort facilities you can find in most gyms: change rooms, lockers and even a shower complete with soap and shampoo. It’s situated on Dufferin Street in Toronto between Queen and King Streets. The sign is easy to miss as it’s small.

Lots of obstacles inside; all of them requires some form of athleticism. If you’re weak, mentally and physically, this is a not a place for you.

Obstacles range from walls (you need to climb them up) to gymnastic rings. You’ll sure work different muscle groups. This obstacle works your triceps as you need to push yourself up to climb over the walls.


Your balance and concentration are tested in what I call the bridge challenge. You use a rope to get to the other side and walk on planks of plywoods. It’s easy if you take your time.

Now, the fun and unsafe part – rope and gymnastic rings. There’s very little padding on the landing once your pass through the rope floor (you can see it at the beginning of the video) and very little padding on the floor in the challenge where you climb up the wall using a rope (at the end of the video). Those rings though are fun! Don’t worry if you can’t do them, there’s a tank full of balls at the bottom to soften your fall. It’s fun to just to fall in it.

And lastly, the most unsafe part, is climbing up a high wall using only power and agility. Your fearlessness and power will be tested – it’s easier than it looks but it’s scary on your first try. There is a high risk of falling on your back or head, without wearing a helmet, you can really injure yourself. But should you decide to wear a helmet, you’d look like an idiot.


The good thing is there are lots of street parking spaces but accessible by public transportation. I’m not sure if I would want my fragile nieces and nephew to try it out given that a lot of landings aren’t very soft and can hurt your knees.

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Will Uberpreneurship work in Toronto?

This guy sold jewellery in his Uber car and made about $ 250,000 US. That’s a lot of $$$. Sounds like a cool idea right? I’m tempted to follow but will it work in Toronto? He lives in San Francisco where people are relatively younger than Toronto; and it’s easier to sell to young people. Plus, anecdotally, the young people in San Francisco have relatively more money. On the other hand, it’s possible that Uber passengers share the same buying pattern and behaviour wherever they are in North America.


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This is the most cinematic pre flight safety video

Move over Virgin Airlines, Qantas’ new safety video is killing it on the internet. It’s not funny! But IT IS fun! The video takes us on an Australian tour as it discusses the flight’s safety features and tips.

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Lawren Hariss’s Mount Robson

Lawren Harriss’s use of blue palette never fails to impress me and makes me breathless. His style is very distinct – a touch or Impressionism, realism and abstract. The lines in his works leaves a sense of order.

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Nine reasons why you should be a member of the Art Gallery of Ontario

Aside from being a world class gallery (I’m biased), the Art Gallery of Ontario offers exclusive perks to members. I’ve been a been a member of the AGO for over 8 years now. Here are the reasons why you should also be a member:


1. You get your ROI after four visits

If you don’t know what ROI means, museums aren’t for you. Kidding. I’m basically saying that membership pays after four visits. Still not sure what ROI is? Click here.


2. Line bypass

You can’t afford a business class seat and you’re tired of being treated like cattle class at the airport. For just about $100, the AGO is willing to treat you like a royalty. You’ll bypass the cattle class line at major exhibitions and there’s a dedicated line for members at the coat check (sort of similar to business class check in counter at YYZ). While others are painfully waiting for their turn, you’re like:


3. Free coat check for members

$2 may not break your bank but hey it’s equivalent to 100  Shoppers Drug Optimum points! Who doesn’t love Shoppers Optimum points???


4. Members preview 

You’re not part of any A lists. Not even any D lists. You won’t get invited to the parties of Housewives of Atlanta, New York or even Mozambique, but as a member, you will get invited to exhibition previews and feel like you belong:


5. Access to the beautiful Norma Ridley members’ lounge

You work so hard to impress your date giving her all the info you memorized from Wikipedia. You named the Group of Seven painters, talked about The Academy and even rambled about Dutch paintings. You’re exhausted. Relax at the Norma Ridley lounge and continue your pretentious conversation over a cup of tea.


6. They’ve extended their hours on Friday and it’s really pretty cool

I listened to a bunch of dudes banging some bottles and playing some instruments that I may never see again in my lifetime. I enjoyed myself. Sometimes they have real musicians playing real musical instruments which is kinda cool. AGO isn’t the first to do this – they, maybe, copied it from the Royal Ontario Museum. Or maybe they think it’s original and never heard of the ROM. Who cares? It’s cool.


 7. You get discounts at items they sell 

AGO, like many other galleries, want more of your money. And since you can’t resist a Turner-inspired silk scarf that reminds you of your great great grandma, why not get a ten percent discount for it? You also get discounts at Frank’s restaurants and at a much cheaper cafe below Frank’s. Cheap folks like me take stairs to the basement to eat. Try their soup – it’s delish. When you get your bill and it feels like you didn’t pay tax, you’re gonna be:


8. Art Matters magazine subscription

Chances are, you will never read it. But it’s there just in case you want to learn about art. Or in case Facebook is down.

9. You’re asking too much.

There’s no number nine yo! Unless you consider subscription to their newsletter a benefit. In that case, I’ll judge you.


So what are you waiting for? Support the Canadian arts and be a member now.

**This is NOT  paid post**

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After fan outcry, Hasbro agrees to include Rey to future edition of Monopoly

Hasbro has awakened and announced that Rey would be included in future Star Wars edition of Monopoly. You must have already heard the fan outcry when fans noticed that Rey was missing in the big M. #WheresRey movement was born. Haven’t seen the movie? Oooops…. Twitter just spoiled the suspense.




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Tech star dies at 42 

Ian Murdock dies at age 42. He was one of the founders of open source Linux. 

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Love Actually is the only movie you need to see if you’re in love with your best friend

That time you realize you’re in love with your best friend… 

That awkward feeling when you’re alone with the love of your life… 
And you really want to call your best friend to say I love you …. 

Every time you see each other…. 

When you know you’re ready to finally speak about your feelings… 

And realize that the feeling isn’t mutual…  

You try to act happy and look OK but deep inside…  

You tell yourself that life goes on, but still hoping for a happy ending…
And you keep repeating this conversation in your head. All. The. Time.   

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Barbie got it right this time

Steering away from their Stepford and trophy wives Barbie images, Barbie recently launched a campaign celebrating girls’ imagination. The clip starts with a girl teaching a group of students about the brain, as a professor. I won’t spoil the ending, but it’s pretty surprising since it’s coming from Barbie, accused by many as sexist. Watch the video below:

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Mitsubishi’s ad does not entertain

For many, winter isn’t a pleasurable experience so to find this ad in the beginning of fall is counter productive. What do you think?

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